Transact Thermal Printers

The Bright Group has been nominated by Transact as the sole distributor of their products in AU/NZ region.

Epic 950 – The Award-Winning Printer

Currently installed in over a half a million slots throughout hundreds of casinos worldwide, the Epic 950 thermal printer is known for its proven reliability. This industry award-winner is casino-tested, and casino-preferred for ticket-in/ticket-out casino printing.

The Epic 950 has currently been marked for End-Of-Life as of March 2022. With repair support until the end of 2026. The Epic Edge Printer will be replacing the printer as Transact latest TITO solution in EGMs.

Epic 950
Epic 950 Thermal Printer
EPIC EDGE Thermal Printer – maintains the same foot print as it’s predecessor the Epic 950

Epic Edge

The new Epic EDGE ticket printer is packed with the technology to simplify your operations and improve slot floor performance, while retaining key design features from the ever-reliable Epic 950.

The Epic Edge advances the 950 with a MicroSD and USB high-speed interfaces (for firmware downloads Epicentral/eTITO systems) and a single interface board (that includes Serial, USB and Netplex) for machine connections.

Epic 880 Thermal Roll Printer

Powerful things come in small packages. The Epic 880 thermal roll receipt printer is conveniently compact, yet loaded with big-time features and functionality, like a hefty 8mb of RAM. Fact is when game or kiosk real-estate is limited, the easy-open Epic 880 never is, it can be configured to any available space, thanks to its clever module design.

The Epic 880 replaces the Epic 430 as Transacts Thermal Roll Printer in Kiosks. Epic 430 has been removed from sales since November 2020.

Epic 880 Thermal Roll Printer